Wednesday, 12 March 2014

From St Jude to St Valentine

one week

Autumn arrived with a howling gale,
Trees fell,
Power cut.

A sigh of relief,
Storms over,
Winter on the way.
A promise of crisp days,
Perhaps snowy walks.
A time to hibernate.

But oh no!
Christmas ruined.
No power for days.
Cut off.
Is this Armageddon?

New Year starts in the same way.
Floods everywhere.
Ground water rising.
Power out,
Light the fire.

Again and again.
Wearing us down,
Down into the mud.

A few days in Singapore,
Dry, warm, sunshine,
Heals body and soul.

The final storm,
No Valentines Day for us.
Boiling water on the fire.
Has 2014 really come to this?

The road is a river,
The potholes large enough to swallow a truck.
Too wet to repair,
Helpful traffic cones are half submerged in eroding tarmac.
Watch out cyclist….

Next day, the jet stream is on its way north.
Signs of spring all around,
What ever  happened to winter?

* St Jude storm 28 October 2013
* Valentines Day  storm 14 February 2014


  1. Fabulous poem, it really sums up the awful weather you have been having. I may have been fed up with all our snow, but I just look to the UK and remind myself that it could be a lot worse. I really hope Spring brings some warm and dry weather xx #oneweek

  2. Brilliant poem... sounds like you were in the thick of it when the two big storms hit, and I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. We have so many potholes where we live now - they are a night mare to avoid. Thank you very much for linking up! X

  3. wow - drama all round!
    have tried to find an email address for you but am failing dismally
    we will be near you and Benenden on the weekend of April 26/27 and would love to have lunch or what ever - do hope we can make it happen!
    I'm at althurstans at hotmail dot com.


  4. Love your poem, Lesley. A lot has been going on!
    Not surprisingly, my favourite photo is the middle one... ;) xx


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