Thursday, 6 February 2014

Land ahoy!

It feels a bit like the island of Norney. We are surrounded by water - underground springs, flooded roads and waterlogged fields. Mr B even had a dream that he had to cross over a bridge to buy Chinese noodles from the neighbours! On his way back, he noticed a dog in the water. It was the Boxer puppy and he jumped in to river, I mean fast-flowing road, to rescue her. All this water is obviously taking its toll on our mental state.

Not to mention, the trees down, the power cuts, the potholes and a distinct lack of any dry, bright weather to cheer us up. Potholes? Yes, potholes! The road is awash with overflowing underground springs. The constantly running water has torn up the road surface. The hazardous holes have been reported to the authorities but so far there have been no repairs. So, each pothole has its own reference number, has been photographed and is on a  daily pothole watch. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the cars hitting them, one after another. That has got to amount to a huge repair claim on the Council. Shame on them.

We've been keeping up the routine with chicken keeping and dog walking, but all warm blooded creatures have now just about had enough of the sogginess. Today, we almost walked head long into a newly sprung pond in the woods. The water table has risen so much that ponds are now forming. One joker has named the area Shackleford Ponds. It certainly feels like it.*

The 'kennel on wheels' stinks. The dogs stink. All the dog towels stink. The house must stink, but I have gotten used to it. Pity the visitors who will be assaulted by the wet dog smell. Thank goodness the Boxers are short-haired and self-cleaning.

Now, I do have a little sports car too. I've not driven her since before Christmas as it is just too dangerous to get out of our road, let alone get her into town. Locked away in the garage, her battery is flat. Normally, I sort these things out myself, but I felt that Mr B hasn't exactly been pulling his weight around here recently. Something about having to see all those sick patients. But on Sunday, he was quick to offer to jump start the little car and give her  a short run around. Pity then that he connected up the jump leads the wrong way round and blew the main fuse in the car. Kaput! Apologies to the neighbours who heard the foul language and saw me beating Mr B with the service manual. I have yet to see the funny side of it.

And just in case you were in any doubt about the amount of rain we have had. My garden weather station recored 219mm, a whopping 3 times the average for January!

Thanks for reading, now watch out for the potholes...

*Edit: This is a light-hearted blog, but my heart goes out to all those affected by the storms and floods, especially those in Somerset. 

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  1. Sounds hideous and, like you, my heart goes out to those in Somerset and other badly affected areas. I can just imagine how unamused you were about the car! My husband also has a little sports car. I don't think he's used it since October :(


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