Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Guest post: Dog Tracker Plus

Tom Clark enjoys writing on a variety of topics surrounding technology that makes pet owners’ lives easier.

Dog Tracker Plus

Losing your dog when you’re out on a walk can be a very stressful experience. In most cases you have no option but to persistently call out and search the surrounding area high and low, asking passer-by’s if they’ve seen your much loved pet. Not knowing where they are can send anyone into a panic, but thanks to Dog Tracker Plus, moments like this will be a thing of the past.

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Using the latest GPS technology, Retrieva have invented a durable, comfortable and rechargeable intelligent collar to track your dog’s whereabouts during those hair-raising moments. The collar sends tracking information to your mobile device through the Dog Tracker Plus App and helps you find your dog in no time by pin pointing their location on a map and showing the distance, direction and speed they are moving at. You can even switch to the camera mode to see where your dog is from your point of view, which helps in situations when they are in close proximity but hidden from sight.

By setting up Geofences and alerts on the app you can happily sit back and relax while your dog roams free during such occasions as a picnic at the park. As soon as your dog ventures out of this boundary you’ve set up, you’ll get an alert to your mobile device and can quickly call your four legged friend back.

Good news is the live tracking is always on, so there is never the worry of your dog unexpectedly escaping without the collar activated. So long as the collar has been charged and you have signal, you’ll always be able to find your pooch.

This high-tech collar doesn’t just help with dogs who love going walkabout, but it also helps monitor your pet’s fitness and health. If Fido is getting a little porky you can easily set goals in the app to keep your dog’s weight under control by measuring the distance, speed and level of exercise they’ve achieved daily, and by ensuring they beat these daily targets on their walks.

Available exclusively at Pets Corner, the Dog Tracker Plus collar is a waterproof design with anti-cut webbing that will stay put no matter how energetic or adventurous your dog may be. It really is a must have for owners of active dogs who love to go on adventures on their own, as it ensures no matter how far they stray, you’ll always be able to find them.

Disclaimer: Tom Clark wrote this review. I was not paid to publish his review. I have not tried Pet Tracker Plus on the Boxer dogs.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the tracker collar. Please comment below and start a debate. Don't forget to pop over to Surrey Life blogs where this month we're asking 'Where's your willy?'


  1. Thanks Tom. I'm sure many dog owners would find this useful.

    I think the rental option for when we take our furry friends on holiday, would be most useful for us.

    I'd like to know what others think.

  2. I think it could be very useful under some circumstances. I like the idea of being able to rent one for holidays.

  3. That could be an option for Cute Doggy, I did not know about it. xx

  4. I wonder if it is still a bit pricey? I love the technology though.


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