Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Zozpops, Zozpants, Zozla, Zoppydo. All happy names for the delightful Zozi Boxer dog. Never before has one dog had so many nicknames. 

They go so well with No! Stop! Down! Leave!

Zozi's response to verbal commands depends largely on whether or not she believes there is a tasty treat in your fist. But don't hold on to it for too long, or she might lick you with her teeth. (This isn't as bad as it sounds).

And after all the play is done, the Zed likes nothing better than curl up on your lap on the big leather sofa, and zzzzzz away.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Godalming Bazaar Big Easter Event - Saturday 28th March

Jill Spain looks forward to welcoming you to this Saturday's Godalming Easter Bazaar. Twenty stallholders will be selling a wide range of gifts and handmade work.  

The Chiddingfold Flute Group will be playing at 2.00 pm.  One stall holder is running a painting competition for children and another one is holding a 'decorate your own biscuit' workshop at her stall.  

The Town Crier will be out and about in Godalming, promoting the event for us as usual.  

Refreshments include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice and homemade cakes.

Entrance is free and all are welcome.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Time flies when you're

I wouldn't call this year fun. It hasn't been bad, just busy. With interludes of fun. I don't suppose it helped that building work began on our extension in the darkest days of winter. That there have been days of mud and noise and disruption. Frozen fingers, endless cups of coffee, and more questions for the architect than I ever thought possible.

I am, however, maintaining my zen. The hens are laying again. The dogs get on well with the builders. The spring bulbs are out and the sun is shining.

Mr B ran the Marrakech marathon in a personal best time. We stole away for a few days of couple-time in Dubai. We have managed a family crisis, a serious bout of man-flu and a dramatic visit to the vet for two excitable Boxer dogs.

We have made time for friends and family. Going out with friends gives us a break from talking about the building work! And soon, we will be able to have friends round to our home, not to a building site.

The work we do for the ICDC Surrey support group is taking up quite a bit of time, as we prepare for the annual education day. Despite repeated requests for volunteers, maintaining the website and social media still falls to me, and I worry that I'm not doing enough.

The practice is still evolving and demands my attention on most days. Happily, our secretary is settled in her new home and so calm has been restored. Thank goodness the patients are so understanding.

My own work is taking a back seat. No writing for some time, and certainly no networking or business planning. Even my hobbies have been neglected. Very little photography, painting or sculpting.

The recent spring-like weather has prompted me to sort out the solar lights for the garden, and these do cheer me up, even if I don't have much time to garden. I have been looking after my compost heaps over the winter and I can't wait to use the lovely rich compost for my tender spring garden.

I'm getting ahead of myself. There is a bit of winter yet to come. So I'll light the fire and snuggle down with the Boxer dogs. That'll be fun.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Go with the flow

I predict that I will be busy this year. I know that I won't be able to do everything on time and to perfection. I'm hoping that 80% will be good enough for most things. I do have to rely on others for some things, and because of this, my New Year's Resolution will be to 'go with the flow'. 

Mr B is suitably sceptical, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I intend to be more zen. To stick my fingers in my ears (metaphorically speaking) when I am in the company of negative people. And to smile and nod when someone says something quite daft and obviously confrontational.

You will get no rise from me this year. I will not rant (much). I will instead respond with barbed blog posts to show my displeasure.

I will also praise and thank more. I will be grateful for gestures of kindness, and I will reciprocate.

I will endeavour to be a light, which will attract other like-minded people.

But, above all, I will breathe deeply, count to ten, and simply 'go with the flow'.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Sentimental buttons

Dad gave me a tin of old buttons. Oh, the joy. When I opened the tin, childhood memories came flooding back. This was Granny's button tin. Mom had added to it, and at some point a school project or two had added its own leftover buttons.

I needed to use the buttons, so I made these Christmas tree decorations. For added sentiment, I added the name tags of our dear cat, Rosie, and darling Themba, who have both crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

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A selection of sentimental button creations
Photography by Lesley Beeton.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Of wombles and weirdos

I hate litter. Why must a beautiful spot be blighted by pie wrappers, condoms and wet wipes?

Two years ago Mr B, repulsed by me picking up litter, bought me a litter tool - as a Valentines Day gift! Who says love wanes after 20 years of marriage? It is the best gift he has ever bought me. I pick litter most days. Sadly, the woods and the car parks are used by the detritus of humanity. I can only imagine what goes on there after dark. Weirdos.

And it isn't right that children, old ladies, mum's, dad's and dog walkers should walk through the muck. So I clean it up, bag it up, take it home and throw it away.

The Countryside Ranger is aware of the problem but says there is no budget for any action on her part. There used to be a bin in the car park, but someone set it alight a few years ago. It was never emptied anyway.

When I see evidence of cannabis I tell the Police Community Support Officer. When I see flytipping, I tell the Council. When I see garden waste dumped there, I tell the Ranger. More often than not, if it fits in my car, I don't tell anyone. Just pick it up and take it home. Last week, I recycled more than 20 plastic plant pots at Squires Garden Centre. Job done.

There are builders at work in the road, and there is a constant pile of coffee cups and sandwich wrappers in the ditch. A neighbour saw me, with my litter tool and wooly hat, in the ditch, picking up litter. 'What a good idea' she said. I smiled. If only, more people were truly irritated by litter, the countryside would be a much nicer place. Or perhaps we need a womble or two....

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